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  • Jeffrey Wilson and Kathie D Wilson arrested for selling crack cocaine
  • SIUe cop who vouched for the boys busted for domestic battery and drug possession!
  • SIUe Cop, Charles E Thompson, pleads guilty to drug possession
        (I guess this explains at least a part of why justice was never served here)

  • Let Us Shine a Light on the Corruption
    At the Office of Student Affairs at SIUe
    (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Illinois USA)

    It is time to speak some truth about Jeffrey A Wilson, Andrew J Ginster, Jim Klenke and Narbeth Emmanuel and their sleazy activities at SIUe. These are four individuals who have engaged in willfuly shady behavior in an ongoing campaign to cover up many incidents of unethical conduct at SIU-Edwardsville, Illinois.

    Andrew Ginster (from Facebook)

    Jeffery Wilson (from Facebook)

    For quick reference, please use the following links:

    * My Original Letter to the Dean of Students regarding Jeffrey's and Andrew's Drug Abuse Problems
    * Original Page exposing Jeffrey's and Andrew's drug abuse problems
    * June 30, 2011 Letter to Jim Klenke regarding the boys' theft of my identity for acts of cyberfraud
    * July 7, 2011 Letter from Klenke acknowledging the boys' admission to the theft and cyberfraud
    * My July 14, 2011 Letter to Chancellor Vandegrift regarding Klenke's childish and unethical behavior
    * July 15, 2011 Letter from Vandegrift stating that he had turned the matter over to Narbeth Emmanuel
    * July 20, 2011 Letter from Emmanuel stating that he intended to investigate the matter
    * December 1, 2011 Letter to Emmanuel regarding follow-up inquiry into his investigation
    * December 13, 2011 Letter from Emmanuel white-washing the whole matter
    * December 17, 2011 Letter to Emmanuel demanding Klenke's threat be issued in writing

    A Brief Timeline of Events

    On February 28, 2011, I approached the Office of Student Affairs to relay my concerns about two SIUE students (one of whom is my nephew, Jeffrey A Wilson) who are actively engaging in the use of illegal drugs and (at the time) underage drinking on a regular basis. The rest of my nephew's family has decided to pretend that my nephew does not have these problems despite the clear and incontrovertible evidence available to them. Instead, they are trying to "protect" him from my attempts to get him clean for the first time in over six years. My nephew has a friend/roommate, Andrew J Ginster, who is emotionally troubled and has attempted suicide at least once since attending SIUE. This "friend" also has an evidenced history of drug and alcohol abuse and has dragged my nephew down with him. While both boys may be listed as Dean's List students here, it does not excuse their growing acts of deceitful and otherwise unethical behavior due to their substance abuse problems. The fact that Jeffrey A Wilson is a proven plagiarist also shows that the Dean's List statuses are dubious at best. Add to that, the fact that Jeffrey is an ardant Adderall abuser (which is why he complains about "bruxism" a lot now- a side effect of Adderall abuse), and it becomes clear that Jeffrey is cheating for his grades that way, too.

    Andrew Ginster told me in a note on Facebook (Feb 7, 2011) that he was having a lot of family problems and the stress was more than he could handle at the time. Since I had already been a witness to how Ginster's substance abuse problems were adversely affecting his already fragile emotional stability, I saw his words as a major red flag that he was again in serious emotional turmoil.

    So, I told Ginster that if he didn't seek out counseling on his own, I would go to campus and do it for him. Ginster, rather than seeing the value of the assistance that was being offered to him, decided instead to prove he is emotional unbalanced by going to the SIUE police department to try and have me arrested. What he failed to understand in his delusional state was that he was actually doing precisely what he was trying to avoid. An officer called me later that evening and thanked me for my efforts to get Andrew Ginster some help. And, he assured me that I was not in any kind of trouble at all for my efforts.

    Despite that officer's assurances, my nephew, Jeffrey, chose to call his grandparents (my parents) and knowingly misinform them that I was in "a lot of serious legal trouble" for trying to get Ginster some help. Again, this is just another example of how pathological Jeffrey is. He saw my efforts as a threat to his and Ginster's continued abuse of illegal drugs and alcohol. So, he and Ginster were determined to "get even" with me any way they could by cooking up some lies to tell the family and the school as a way to distract from the issues at hand.

    Because of the boys' pathological abilities to lie, they were able to easily manipulate Jeffrey's grandparents (who have severe delusional issues of their own anyway) into believing anything Jeffrey would tell them. Thus, his grandparents fully abdicated their responsibilities to Jeffrey's health and well-being while in their care. He is in their care because they failed to recognize, admit to and seek help for Jeffrey's father (their son) when he was abusing drugs from a very young age. They rationalized away everything he did in relation to his drug problems. Eventually, both of Jeffrey's parents ended up in prison with long sentences for drug-related offenses. And, it was all because Jeffrey's grandparents failed to act. As was the case then, they now refuse to acknowledge and seek assistance for Jeffrey's growing substance abuse problems. They will blame anyone but Jeffrey for his actions, just as they did with Jeffrey's father for so many years.

    Since his grandparents are negligent in their responsibilities to Jeffrey, I made the decision to try to get these boys the help they need through the university. If I had known then what I know now, I certainly would not have chosen that path for them. I made the horrendous mistake of contacting a highly incompetent Jim Klenke at SIUe to try to get them some real substance abuse counseling. Jim Klenke has proven to be nothing more than a cowardly administrative buffoon who engages in childish vendettas and other unethical behaviors rather than get the kids under his charge the counseling they need. But, Klenke has also proven that is he one who needs the most counseling for his anger management issues and other emotional imbalances.

    One of my niece's professors once likened Jim Klenke to being "half Klingon" when it came to the issue of plagiarism at SIUe. First, we know that Klenke is corrupt when it comes to dealing with plagiarism. Otherwise, Jeffrey would be in a great deal of trouble for it already. Second, one has to ask which Klingons was that professor speaking of? Was it the Klingons of the original Star Trek? They were weak-minded, arrogent, hostile and aggressively unethical creatures. So, yes, Klenke would be well likened to them. BUT, if we are speaking of the Klingons of Star Trek- TNG like Worf, who is honest, honorable and always concerned with doing what is right for everyone's best interests, then Klenke bears no resemblance to Klingons whatsoever.

    Still worse is the fact that Klenke's boss, Narbeth Emmanuel, is an impotent figurehead for the Office of Student Affairs at SIUe. He is a master at the art of cover up and white wash. He too would rather sacrifice these boys' health and well-being than properly discipline one of his underlings. Both Klenke and Emmanuel are unethical cowards who hide behind a stone wall of deceit hoping that other, higher up, administrators will also partake in the cover up here. We shall see some day very soon if they do or if they will step up and correct and resolve this issue to the betterment of all involved at this university.

    But, this matter really hinges mostly on Jeffrey A Wilson's long list of unethical behaviors that he thinks are getting him through life. One need only look at the "Notice to Website Host" link above to see how Jeffrey lies to try to get his way. For more evidence of this, just review Jeffrey's history with his own website, JAGOWILSON.COM, and see how he lost it. Jeffrey intentionally falsified his DNS records on his domain name when he bought it. You can see a history of how he falsified it here. He started out using the name:

    "Cyril Figgis     ( jeff.figis.wilson@NOSPAM.gmailATALL.com )
    808 Breakheart Ave.
    Tel. +1.2475915545"

    Clearly, this is a fake name, address and phone number. The name is from a TV cartoon. When I reported this malfeasance to Jeffrey's Web Host, they contacted him to resolve the issue immediately. He did so the same day by putting the proper name, address and phone number:

    Jeffrey Wilson     ( jeff.figis.wilson@NOSPAM.gmailATALL.com )
    609 S VanBuren St.
    Illinois, 62056
    Tel. +1.2175568996

    Within a week or so, I checked it again. Jeffrey had already gone in and again put fake information back into his Domain Registration records. This time, he chose to use the name:

    John Wilson     ( jeff.figis.wilson@NOSPAM.gmailATALL.com )
    1705 N. State St.
    Illinois, 62056
    Tel. +1.2172175568996

    This is the local High School in Litchfield, Illinois. I called the school and confirmed that no such person worked there or had any affiliation with them. So, I again contacted his Web Host to report the malfeasance. And again, it was soon corrected. But, Jeffrey's website, jagowilson.com no longer works. I suspect that his Web Host, Lithium Hosting, Inc. suspended or terminated his contract. He has since copy-catted what I do (as usual) and subscribed to WHOIS-Guard to hide his name and such. If only he was smart enough to understand that his history of deceit in this matter is on the World Wide Web for all to see via various Domain Registration sites.

    Jeffrey has also tried to cover his tracks by taking down his personal student website at SIUe since it contained (at one time) proof that he uses the nickname, "a420doctor" on AOL Instant Messenger. This is a reference to smoking marijuana. As soon as he realized that the police might see that on February 28th, 2011, he scrambled to remove it from the SIUe site. When he put up JagoWilson.com in early May of 2011, he again added "a420doctor" as his AOL contact name. When he again realized that officials might be looking at that site, he quickly took it off of there too. Yet, evidence of his using this nickname remains on the web at: this Blogger Website. Jeffrey has even since removed his old Twitter page, "BestofJeff", in favor of his new one, "@Absurdia." No matter how hard Jeffrey tries to cover up his past, he can not escape it. If he would finally just admit that he is a lying, cheating, drug abusing loser who is only hurting himself with all of this addiction-related deceit, he may one day be able to stop running from who he is now. Until then, he is playing the paranoia game of always wondering who is going to find out what lie he is telling next. Please, Jeffrey, get some help before you do some real damage to yourself and your family that you can not undo.

    ***ALERT*** Again, Jeffrey is already trying to hide his vast guilt in all of this. He has scrubbed the Blogger page and taken the reference to his "bruxism" off of his Twitter page. He is guilty, but he can not help but to continue trying to dupe the weak-minded into thinking he is not. Why continue to hide your activities if there was nothing wrong with them? One has to wonder... And, Jeffrey has his dear old grandpa out feverishly searching the net to see if he can find any other references to Jeffrey's guilt on Bing. LOL

    Jeffrey Adams Wilson was last at NC State lying and cheating his way through there. And, he conned the National Science Foundation out of $120,000 by failing to complete his stated goals to get that money. So, I again implore him to get help before it is too late. Vaping pot, popping Adderall, and stealing Vicodin will only get you so far in life, Jeffrey... You'll have to get clean eventually.

    Andrew Ginster is sadly allowed to interact with children (despite his ongoing problems) at Harrison School District Two in Colorado Springs, Colorado. One can only hope that Anderw has finally gotten the psychological and psychiatric help that he so desparately needs.

    The Latest in "The Wilsons" Saga - March 4th, 2013

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